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Wowhaus is our long-standing and favourite client. It is an architectural firm that specialises in the architecture of public spaces - from the improvement of city parks to the development of urban planning concepts.

The task: to coordinate the process of publishing the monograph ‘Tatlin Mono’ about Wowhaus activities over the last 5 years, to mediate between the publishing house and the bureau: collection and coordination of materials for publication, approval of the rubric, layout of the publication.

What inspired them: Wowhaus are the authors of the new concept of public space, a vivid embodiment of which became the Strelka Institute of Media and Design, Stanislavsky Electric Theatre, Documentary Film Centre and others. The bureau's philosophy and its many years of experience in running unique projects became the main sources of inspiration.

The result: a full-fledged anthology of Wowhaus works with the volume of more than 200 pages was published. The monograph, which has a print run of 5,000 copies, includes interviews with the bureau's leading architects and reviews of major architectural projects.

Tatlin Mono/Wowhaus Tatlin Mono/Wowhaus Tatlin Mono/Wowhaus
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