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Plan the Best. Branding and Marketing Communications is a team of experts in marketing communications and branding. Since 2010, we have been creating strong brands, effective strategies, and successfully growing our clients’ business. Areas of activity: strategic products, PR and communications, performance-marketing, and educational projects for the creative industries.

People come to us when they need to create a brand from scratch or improve a business model. We also offer creative concepts and solutions. We are trusted, so most of our contracts are long-term. We understand our clients' business, treat it as our own, and grow it together. Over the years, we have developed our own method of business development through communication tools. Based on our method, we have created business intensives – Design. Business, Design. Marketing, and Design. Personal Brand for business owners in the creative industries.

Ekaterina Panova
CEO, Founder of Plan the Best Branding and Marketing Communications

Professional competence: More than 20 years in marketing, 2 “Brand of the Year” Awards for the World Class brand Founded Plan the best agency in 2010 and acting as a Managing partner in it

Expertise: Business Development and Marketing in Creative Industries, Focus on Architectural Business and Urbanism, Launching more than, 80 brands from scratch, consulted more than 300 companies, Co-author of the CASH-method training program for transforming the business to the  resource state, Lecturer in the Universal University, MARSH architecture school, Skillbox and SoftCulture educational platform, Author of the business course in Architecture "Design Yourself", Authorized lecturer of  "Small Business of Moscow"

Maxim Panov
Managing partner. Finance and jurisprudence.

​​Digital guru, master of websites, social networks and PtB promotion. Maxim deciphers any term for the client, viz. CTR, CPC, leads, etc. He is responsible for all financial issues and contracts.

Valued for a non-standard view, reliability, working speed, calmness and going deep into the topic. He will gladly support a conversation outside of work topics, namely yachting, real estate and construction. His speciality is seafood. Keen on cinema.

Antonina Zazovskaiya
The the Operations Director and Strategist of the Plan the Best agency

Antonina is at the very center of the most important tasks and processes.
She always finds the necessary resources and tools by which the client achieves his goals.

Antonina builds effective communication chains both inside and outside the agency. Combining people, resources and processes into a single whole, she makes all the work of our agency run. When it comes to irreplaceable people in agencies, Antonina is an example of just such a level of professional and expert.
She appreciates good cigars, loves to travel to ancient castles and collects Converse sneakers.

Daria Latysheva
Project manager

Careful keeper of PtB, mentor, partner in crime, experienced fighter without sentiments. Valued for high organization, team spirit, creative solutions, punctuality, and Ural humor. It is easy to implement big things with her. Daria makes things as clear as a bell and finds a right direction for action. She stands for the agency with all her heart, being engaged in its positioning and promotion.

Style icons — The Big Lebowski. Guilty pleasure(s): 20-season detective series, beauty blogs, popsci and Indian films. She travels a lot, but always returns to her favorite Moscow city. Her specialty is lasagna.

Olga Scherbakova
Эксперт агентства по коммуникациям.

A great creator, super-star in architectural PR, creative partner and comrade-in-arms. Valued for a friendly disposition, professionalism, willingness to support. She is able to find solutions for impossible tasks and can give you valuable advice.

Olga will support a conversation on any topic, cover new trends and share ideas. For each thesis, she will find 100 arguments or counterarguments and easily with a humor convince a client or a journalist. She conducts interviews with great architects.

Fan of specific knowledge from life in Constantinople in the 1920s to Joe Rogan podcasts and cockney-English in Guy Ritchie’s movies. Favorite genres are spy detective and noir. She can be touched by young talents with touching performances.

Style icon is Charlotte Ritter from the series Babylon Berlin. Signature cocktail — Kir Royale.

Anna Samokhina

Sensitive, soft and reasonable PR specialist. Her strong point is to consider the problem from different angles and offer various solutions. She is valued for initiative and responsible approach, responsiveness, her desire to learn and seek a new. Easily finds a common language with journalists from different media, spheres and countries. A woman with burning eyes and millions of ideas.

Style icons are children with their freedom of expression and lack of stereotypes. Guilty pleasure — glazed curd cheese. Reads books about people, watches movies about good old days and imaginary worlds. As a child, she waited for an invitation to Hogwarts.

Zoya Magda
Project manager

Человек слова и дела, миссис четкость, агент 7:00. Знает секретные приемы в работе с клиентами, как аккаунт хладнокровно решает проблемные вопросы, всегда добивается своего. Ценится за ответственность, скорость, структурность, порядок, внимание к деталям и позитив. Настраивает на рабочий лад и команду, и клиентов. Внимательно контролирует проект на всех этапах и доводит до результата.
Эксперт в области моды, искусства, литературы и истории. Любимые жанры: импрессионизм и сюрреализм. Фирменное блюдо — блинчики и оладьи. Живет в солнечном Лиссабоне в стране Паштел-де-ната.

Polina Talalaeva

A master of letter binding and copywriting. She can shorten, lengthen, brighten up or enrich any text. Steady and clearly translates the words of great architects into simple language easily understood by your mother.

Valued for objectivity, efficiency, fact-checking, responsibility, openness and strong team qualities. Very empathic and positive to others, carefully listens to people. All-rounded person, in every case she tries to come to the point.

Lives in St. Petersburg, studies at the Vaganova Ballet Academy as a dance-artist. Areas of interest: modern dance, contemporary art, theater, nutritiology, film photography. Can spend thousands of rubles on books on philosophy and art. Her signature dish is San Sebastian cheesecake.

Alisa Ivanova
Project manager

Project manager on soft paws, a reliable friend. Valued for her politeness, positive, ethics, humor and sincere approach to business. Alisa personally worries about each project. She will always come to the rescue and solve any issue. The potential of her connections has not yet been fully revealed!

She loves all about contemporary art, documentaries based on a true story and historical figures. Considers her mother a style icon.

Refreshes alone with the phone turned off.
Lives in Barcelona in her heart and soul.

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