Онлайн школа математики MindSet


PR support

Task: Creating the image of the brand and the founder from scratch. PR support of MindSet online maths school, increasing recognition.

Result: We developed an effective PR campaign, which on the one hand was based on the progressive and unique methodology of the school, and on the other hand formed a personal brand of the founders.

Different categories of media were involved. Personal blog on MEL (approx. 23 thousand views). Business media (incrussia.ru, pink.rbc.ru, finparty.ru, rb, etc.) - a story about a unique startup, from the point of view of organising business processes. Lifestyle media (Mary Clear, Glamour, Cosmo, etc.) - creating an image of the founder, a successful and young entrepreneur who by her own example destroys myths and stereotypes related to mathematics. Educational (Letidor, Family, etc.) - advantages of the system and popularisation of mathematics. Radio Mayak and Silver Rain _ broadcasts from 30 min. We increased recognition, and achieved recognition of expertise converting to clients.

Total Audience Reach: 42M

Total PR-Value: 5,130,000

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