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About work on websites for projects to create a comfortable environment

The Plan The Best team had a task to make a website in the shortest possible time, which would transparently broadcast information about the project to create a comfortable environment in several Moscow territories, as well as be a platform for dialogue between residents and the state. 

Beginning of work

As always, we analysed similar sites, but unfortunately there were no similar pages that could be oriented on the network. Therefore, we relied more on our own experience and interaction with all team members. 

It was important not only to work on the technical implementation of web pages, but also to make high usability, test and launch the site filled with content. It took about two weeks from launch to full delivery. So our team worked faster than ever, we put our best foot forward and broke all our own records! 

UI/UX design

It was important for us to think through what a citizen should and would like to see on the website. The team, like architects, created a comfortable environment in the information field and thought through the user's behaviour on the page to make the site convenient for visitors.

The design was created in strict accordance with the brandbook. Thanks to this, the site turned out to be very stylish.  

Also we have not forgotten about the people who will fill it, the site traditionally for us has a simple CMS and is equipped with video instructions. That's why content managers don't need deep knowledge of HTML and competences of a layout designer to use it :)

Sections on the site

Any visitor to the site gets a complete picture of the project when browsing through the sections. He or she can learn more about the history of the area and the characteristics of the place. For example, the section ‘historical background’ helps to dive into the project, see how the neighbourhood has changed over the years, read stories, legends and memories of the residents. The user can also get acquainted with the project strategy, study all materials (sociological studies, reports of discussions), see photos and videos from meetings. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to leave feedback with suggestions for the project and follow links to social networks for a more lively dialogue. All of this together allows every citizen visiting the site to quickly immerse themselves in the project and join the discussions on creating a comfortable environment.


When creating websites, we look several steps ahead. Our team has programmed in advance some of the sections that are not yet included, but they are waiting for their time :) Thus, proper planning of resources as well as the competence of the team allows us to stay within the customer's budget and without additional costs. 


Our team enjoys working on websites - creating comfortable, fast and informative pages. We are glad that our portfolio was enriched with one more interesting case, you can see it in the carousel :)

Development of a website for projects to create a comfortable urban environment Development of a website for projects to create a comfortable urban environment Development of a website for projects to create a comfortable urban environment
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